Harnessing human centered design to improve health outcomes

design consultancy

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We design solutions for complex healthcare challenges across Kaiser Permanente by identifying and addressing core human needs. 




Applying human-centered design, we learn what people say, do, think, and feel to understand the whole person. We use these methods to go deep with our patients, clinicians, and employees to gain a fresh perspective and uncover hidden needs. This approach helps us deeply understand problems, navigate and improve complex system challenges, and improve the healthcare experience for all.   

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X Projects

We take on high-priority strategic initiatives with the potential to impact millions of members, clinicians, and staff across Kaiser Permanente. We collaborate with multiple stakeholders at the national, regional, and local level to design human-centered solutions at scale.


Consulting Projects

We consult with internal partners to support existing projects at high-impact moments – conducting design research, facilitating teams through ideation, prototyping, and user testing, or implementing complex solutions in ways that work for our members and staff.

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Capacity Building

We lead introductory and advanced Human Centered Design trainings and programs to share the core tools, practices, and methodologies of the design process with clinicians, leaders, and staff across Kaiser Permanente.